Original Brands And Fake Brands

The customers who look for branded products and name have different reasons for their likings. The main intention of theirs being the feeling of experiencing a quality product, design which is not common in any sense, carrying of a quality item with a true high class fashion which has social value, standard, the prestige of patronizing a brand and being recognized in a crowd are the key reasons. These set of people have high expectations in building their personal image and also professional image in using a mix of branded items to keep up their level of prestige.

There are customer s who selects specific brands only for their personal use. They dislike having a mix of brands. For example they will only chose clothing , shoes ,belts, earrings ,necklaces and any other items only in a particularly one brand. Sometimes a customer preferring to purchase Chanel accessories will only go to the corner of the store where these items kept and will not look into other shelves or any other area.

Arranging the store in style

The store could be divided into sections and keep same brand shoes, clothes and the matching items together. If there is an existing promotion in offering lv bags Australia at Modsie could be kept in a prominent place close by to be able to access it with ease. So clearly understanding the benefit of arranging and having a proper layout in store is important. You have e to get your staff trained to gear up to these requirements.

But today there are releases of fake products into the market making it difficult for people who are not aware of checking the proper labels to differentiate between original and fake. The interest shown by majority of the people who are upper middle class segment and the middle class segment of the market are more focused in buying fake duplicated brands which are put out to the market by Chinese vendors in large scale. They could find these types of products in huge departmental stores or individual stores where they offer a mix of products available for purchase. Anyone keen in understanding the original product and the fake is easy since the original will be of high quality and will only be sold in branded and registered stores where they issue a bill with the brand name on the receipt. The highlight of the fake will be as vague as the quality of the product.

 But there are stores which sell a mix of both branded and non-branded it should be the wise and the ethical decision of the shop personnel to arrange the store clearly differentiating the branded products separately and the non brands separately.